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As early as he can remember,  LA Lloyd has always had a love for music. He was raised on pop, rock and even outlaw country. Since he was not a musician, Lloyd found another means to surround himself with music on a daily basis: RADIO. Lloyd said, “I’ll never forget how amazed I was to hear myself in my headphones for the first time on the radio. And then people actually responded to things I had to say. I have been hooked on this medium ever since.”

At just 16 years old, LA Lloyd began his career in radio at a small AM station in Nor
th Carolina while in High School. He received a BA degree in Radio/TV/Film from Western Carolina University. During this time, he was Program Director and did a daily on air shift at WWCU, the campus station. He got his first break working at WKZQ, a rock station in Myrtle Beach, SC. It was during these years that LA Lloyd befriended many bands and musicians. He loved hanging out with them and enjoyed the rock and roll lifestyle. Lloyd said, “After I got off the air, I worked at a live music venue where many bands played while I was in Myrtle Beach. I would love to always talk with them before and after their show about life on the road and everyday experiences. It was during this time I knew I had a gift to get some great interviews from these bands. Everyone always seemed so comfortable and the artists seemed to feel like it was OK to open up and have a conversation with me instead of a standard boring radio interview.” It was also during this time that Lloyd became interested in syndicated shows, especially countdowns. “I was always amazed listening to shows like Casey Kasem’s American Top 40 or Rick Dees Weekly Top 40 in my hometown and then hear them in different cities while I was on vacation.” It was then the idea of doing one radio show in several different cities became very appealing to LA Lloyd. But no one had ever hosted a national Rock countdown.

LA Lloyd arrived in Los Angeles in 1990 and watched everything he had seen on MTV come to life on the Sunset Strip. All the bands he loved were there playing every night. Still there was one thing missing; the national rock countdown he had wanted to do for many years. Lloyd was contacted by national voice-over artist Chris Corley to leave “LaLa” land as he put it and become his night rocker on WROX 96X in Virginia Beach, VA. He accepted and it is here where he got the nickname “LA” from co-worker Hobie Woolen. The name stuck with listeners and bands he interviewed. Lloyd writes, “Corley hated that name and told me not to use it on air. But I was doing an appearance and the venue promoted it in the paper to ‘come see LA Lloyd tonight.’ Chris said, ‘well now it’s in print so you’re f**king stuck with it.’”

Austin, TX, “The Live Music Capital of the World” would be the next stop for LA Lloyd at KROX 101X. He continued interviewing hundreds of bands on-air but still no countdown. Finally in 1998, LA Lloyd joined a company called “Star System.” Over 40 DJs worked there doing shows all over the country on hundreds of radio stations. One particular show LA Lloyd did was a countdown on a Corpus Christi station called the C101 Rock 30. Lloyd asked the Program Director if he could change the name to “LA Lloyd’s Rock 30” and start adding interview segments from the artists on the countdown. It was agreed and LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 began. Lloyd’s boss, Don Cristi told him he had come up with a way where the show could be aired on other radio stations. YES! One show in several cities finally became a reality after years in the waiting.

In 2000, LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 was officially picked up by Dial Communications, now Dial-Global, and was syndicated from New York City. July 4, 2000 was the first official syndicated LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 countdown with Kid Rock co-hosting. After a successful run with that company for nearly seven years, former Dial-Global employee Stefan Jones began his own syndicated company called NineBall Radio Networks in Minneapolis. LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 joined with Nineball in January of 2006 and continued through December 2011.  In January 2012, LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 changed its name to the “LA Lloyd Rock Countdown” and signed a new deal with Colbert Media Group based in Nashville, TN.  With the new name, the show could now be heard as a one, two, or three-hour feature.

The LA Lloyd Rock Countdown is heard on nearly 40 stations across the US and many Internet-only radio stations. The Rock Countdown Online Broadcast is heard daily in nearly 200 US cities and over 60 countries globally. Lloyd added, “To say the Rock Countdown is a dream come true is an understatement.  If someone had told me when I was a kid that I would be interviewing the BIGGEST rock bands in the world, I would have just simply laughed.” Metallica, Disturbed, Godsmack, Nickelback, Staind, Kid Rock, Foo Fighters Shinedown and hundreds of bands are all laughing with LA Lloyd each and every week when they co-host the show.

Lloyd is married to Kathi and they have two daughters, Taylor and Ava.

The official website for LA Lloyd’s Rock 30 is